Orange Angel Wing Heart

twin peaks is a mystery horror tv show directed by david lynch. it is also the best show to
ever exist! i adore it with everything in my little heart and could talk about it 4ever. so
here i am!!! taking the chance to gush about this show and all it's trinkets.

like i said before, twin peaks is a mystery horror tv show centered around the death of laura
palmer, a 17 year old homecoming queen. she seems to be this ideal young lady but it turns out
that no one really *knew* laura and that's why they are all so puzzled about her death. how could
this picture perfect teenger turn up dead?

anyways anyways, it turns out that laura was big into cocaine and was also a sex worker. plus a lot
of other things, like a victim of sexual abuse and a fetish model. so basically, she lived a double life.