Orange Angel Wing Heart

lana del rey is a singer from new york, and my favorite!!! she is like an angel on earth and has been my favorite for a long time. i think the first song i ever really liked from her was off to the races. i had a close online friend who told me to start listening to her (miss U bonnie!), and yeah now she is my #1 singer!!

her music reminds me of summer, roses, heart shaped glasses, gas stations, cola, 1950s, swimming, bathing suits, daisy perfume, motels, cigarettes, califorina and cadillacs.

lana loves coke (both kinds... im pretty sure). here are a bunch of lyrics
of her singing about cola!

"my p*ussy tastes like pepsi cola" - cola
"you can see me drinking cherry cola" - serial killer
"chic-a-cherry cola lime" - florida kilos

faves. gramma, raise me up, jump

lana del ray AKA lizzy grant is the first eva lana album. well, not really, there was sirens when she went under may jailer, but you can research yourselves! it was recorded in 2010 but actually finished in 2008. kill kill was originally apart of her 2008 ep of the same name.

the reason for the title 'AKA lizzy grant' is because lana wanted to change her stage name to lana del ray (with an a) and she was trying to crossover.

the album is heavy on americana themes and was praised for being hypnotic! why yes it is, mr critic man :-)

faves. radio, diet mountain dew, off to the races, carmen,
this is what makes us girls, million dollar man

born to die, first offical release made in 2012. lana said it was a tribute to living on the wild side. some songs came from lizzy grant demos, like national anthem and diet mountain dew. it's also heavy on americana themes. 'this is what makes us girls' comes from lana's teenage life, and 'carmen' is about a young prositute. !.

in 2011, lana made a homemade music video for her song 'video games' and it caught attention of many people, leading to a record deal that created born to die. the song was made about her then boyfriend. i think the song still means a lot to her.

faves. sad girl, black beauty, florida kilos,
money power glory, ultraviolence

ultraviolence is my favorite lana album!!! i like how it feels, the lyrics, the atmopshere, just everything i am in love with. i listen to it a lot. it was released in 2014, and lana said it was to be more stripped back and dark, west-coast inspired. nice fact - nectar of the gods, living legend and cherry blossom from blue banisters were outtakes from ultraviolence.. they are all my faves on blue banisters!

i couldn't even tell you how much this album has been there for me. espically in october. the song ultraviolence hits very close to home :( i just love it. thank u lana!!!